Example Resignation Letter UK

Make sure you don't burn any bridges by downloading our Free Example Resignation Letter for employers in England and Wales.

An employment resignation letter should include some specific points to leave in the right way whilst ensuring your contract is terminated and your notice period is documented.

If you are resigning because of problems with at work should look at this constructive dismissal resignation letter instead.

Read more on constructive dismissal here.

Can you help me raise a claim for constructive dismissal?

We provide fixed fee services with our employment law specialists who will assess your case, or help you to compose your resignation letter, if you'd prefer not to Do-It-Yourself.

This document has been drafted by someone with extensive knowledge of employment law to help you in a cost effective way. Employment Law Friend is not regulated by the SRA which allows us to keep our services affordable. If you want to get regulated legal advice on your specific case then you should get in contact for help from one of our regulated panel solicitors.

Whether you need help drafting your resignation letter, or want us to handle your application to the Employment Tribunal, our legally trained advisors or panel solicitors provide specialist advice at competitive rates. We will even help you work out whether you have a case worth pursuing.

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