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Read our free employment law articles and guides on taking your employer to the Employment Tribunal. From raising your grievance, submitting your ET1, preliminary hearing, employer underhand tactics and standing in court at the employment tribunal - even appealing a decision if you don't think it is right.

If you get stuck doing it yourself we offer affordable paid for downloads to show you how to raise a grievance or if you'd prefer we have employment law solicitors to do it for you. We have got it all covered so use our help as much or as little as you want. You've got this, now got get 'em!
ACAS COT3 Settlement from Employment Law Friend

ACAS COT3 Settlement

Here's how you negotiate a cot3 agreement through ACAS. We answer your FAQs on ACAS COT3 Settlement.
ET3 Form from Employment Law Friend

ET3 Form

ET3 Form: Your employer's response after you submit your ET1, including the ET3 response time limits.
Employment Tribunal Backlog from Employment Law Friend

Employment Tribunal Backlog

Employment Tribunal Backlog: An increase in claims and Covid related delays have caused a major backlog in cases. What can you do?
Employment Tribunal Time Limits from Employment Law Friend

Employment Tribunal Time Limits

Employment Tribunal Time Limits and ACAS early conciliation time limits. How long do you have? Use our employment tribunal time limit calculator.
Judicial Assessment from Employment Law Friend

Judicial Assessment

We answer: What is a Judicial Assessment? When can you get a Judicial Assessment? How does a Judicial Assessment help in an Employment Tribunal?
Judicial Mediation from Employment Law Friend

Judicial Mediation

What is Judicial Mediation for employment tribunal? Including advantages and disadvantages of Judicial mediation settlements and judicial mediation employment cases.
ET1 Form & ET1 online advice from Employment Law Friend

ET1 Form

Filing your ET1 Form online is the first part of the Tribunal Process. Make sure you fill out the online form correctly otherwise your claim could get rejected before your case is heard.
Employment Tribunal Appeal advice from Employment Law Friend

Employment Tribunal Appeal

Find out when you can make an employment tribunal appeal. Advice for appealing employment tribunal decision.
employment tribunal process advice from employment law friend

Employment Tribunal Process

Find out the employment tribunal process, including the preliminary hearing and what happens if you win or lose.
employment tribunal advice from employment law friend

Employment Tribunal

Find out what an employment tribunal is, how much it costs, whether you need a solicitor and how much you can get at an employment tribunal.
acas early conciliation advice from employment law friend

ACAS Early Conciliation

Find answers to: What is ACAS Early conciliation? How does it work? What are your time limits? How long is your certificate valid?
ET1 Claim Form Rejected: Advice from employment law friend

ET1 Claim Form Rejected by Employment Tribunal

A missed number or wrong address doesn't really matter does it? On an ET1 form the answer is yes and your water tight employment claim form could get rejected before it even gets seen by a judge.