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Trade Union Law Change 2022. Employment Law Friend discusses how strike action could be affected by the amendment, revoking Regulation 7 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003

Trade Union Law Change 2022

The impact of strikes on businesses, the effects of the new law & Trade Union concerns and considerations regarding the future of strike action.
GDPR In The Workplace: Your rights regarding data protection at work, explained by Employment Law Friend. Blurred hands work over a laptop keyboard. Overlaid with icon of padlock inside a cloud, within a system of cogs containing other internet devices. R

GDPR In The Workplace: Know Your Rights

Your rights, the principles of GDPR, how your employer can process your data & what acts by your employer might give rise to a claim for data protection breach.
Neurodiversity in the workplace explained by Employment Law Friend

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Employers are becoming more widely aware of neurodiversity in the workplace. We explain how to accommodate, manage and promote workplace neurodiversity
How to sue your employer: Explained by Employment Law Friend

How to sue your employer?

How can I take legal action against my employer? We explain how to sue your employer and when to submit your required forms. Inc ACAS requirements
Can I be sacked for raising a grievance? | Explained by Employment Law Friend

Can I be sacked for raising a grievance?

We explain your rights and what to do once you have submitted a grievance to your employer
Holiday Pay Claim Time Limits outlined by Employment Law Friend. Someone holds an egg timer in their palm, while a claimant and their solicitor sit at a meeting table in the background.

Holiday Pay Claim Time Limit

Holiday pay claim time limits on when you can claim and how much time you can claim for. If you haven't been paid properly - don't waste time!
Discrimination Claim against your employer | Explained By Employment Law Friend

Continuing Act of Discrimination

Tribunal time limits for continuing act of discrimination: What to do and how soon to make a claim if you are being discriminated against at work.
Whistleblowing: Can You Be Fired explained by Employment Law Friend

Can You Be Fired For Whistleblowing?

We explain your rights that protect you after you whistle blow on your employer
What Are Your Annual Leave Rights explained by Employment Law Friend

Annual Leave: What Are Your Rights?

We explain your annual leave rights and how long you are allowed to take paid leave
Kocur v Angard: The Royal Mail Lawsuit Over Agency Workers explained by Employment Law Friend

The Agency Workers Lawsuit: Kocur v Angard

What happened to these Royal Mail agency workers, who sued for the right to apply for permanent positions at the same time as direct employees
Restructuring: What Are Your Rights explained by Employment Law Friend

Restructuring: What Are Your Rights

What to expect during restructuring at work & whether you should be worried about demotion or redundancy. Your rights explained.
What Are Your Pension Rights explained by Employment Law Friend

What Are Your Pension Rights

We explain your protected pension rights under UK employment law, including: Can my pension be taken away?