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Read our free law articles and guides on raising a grievance with your employer. We explain the different types of types of grievances in the workplace, how to raising a grievance at work, what to do if a grievance is raised against you, what the next stages are after raising a grievance and what you should do

If you get stuck doing it yourself we offer affordable paid for downloads to show you how to raise a grievance or if you'd prefer we have employment law solicitors to do it for you. We have got it all covered so use our help as much or as little as you want. You've got this, now got get 'em!
ACAS Settlement Agreement: COT3 from Employment Law Friend

Settlement Agreement

Find out what a settlement agreement is, previously known as a compromise agreement, and about negotiating settlement agreements, with or without a solicitor.
Without Prejudice letter to employee or employer: Advice from Employment Law Friend

Without Prejudice letter to employee or employer

Without prejudice negotiations arise during an employment law dispute however be careful. In these 'behind closed doors' communications you may make the mistake of believing everything you are told.
Investigation at work advice from employment law friend

Investigation At Work

Investigation at work: Workplace investigation procedure and your rights if you're being investigated at work.
disciplinary procedure advice from employment law friend

Disciplinary Procedure: Steps and Actions

Facing a disciplinary procedure at work, or worried you might be? We explain the procedure, the potential outcomes, and your rights along the way.
grievance procedure advice from employment law friend

Grievance Procedure

Find out the purpose of a grievance procedure in the workplace, the steps you should take and the length of the process, plus how to appeal.
Am I employed or self employed advice from employment law friend

Am I employed or self employed

To have employment rights you need to first be an employee however how do you know if you are an employee or self-employed? This is argued over in Tribunal cases all the time. Find out the answer here.
Should I sue my employer? Advice from employment law friend

Should I sue my employer?

Do you want to sue your employer but want to know whether or not it is worth it? Are you burying your head in the sand? You could win, but you may also lose. Here are the answers to help you make the decision and we blast away the myths!