Welcome to Employment Law Friend

Claudine and Andrew are the co-founders of Employment Law Friend and have made this website to give the “little guy” a fighting chance of achieving justice against their employer. With the information, materials and advice on this website, we hope to give you the tools, knowledge and emotional strength to take on your employer all the way through to the Employment Tribunal.

We will not sugar coat your chances of success in the Tribunal like an employment lawyer may, with their eyes on the money in your pocket. We will share with you the unscrupulous tactics that employers regularly use as standard against distraught employees.

We will not shy away from telling you the non-legal tactics that you should be employing to get ahead of the game. We will coach you in how to handle the distress, depression, anxiety and alienation which can follow after raising a formal grievance with your employer.

So whilst we're not a dog website we will stand by you as your Employment Law Friend at a time when you need it the most. Read Claudine's story about how a dog was her employment law friend.