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How to sue your employer: Explained by Employment Law Friend

How to sue your employer?

How can I take legal action against my employer? We explain how to sue your employer and when to submit your required forms. Inc ACAS requirements
What Are Your Annual Leave Rights explained by Employment Law Friend

Annual Leave: What Are Your Rights?

We explain your annual leave rights and how long you are allowed to take paid leave
Kocur v Angard: The Royal Mail Lawsuit Over Agency Workers explained by Employment Law Friend

The Agency Workers Lawsuit: Kocur v Angard

What happened to these Royal Mail agency workers, who sued for the right to apply for permanent positions at the same time as direct employees
Reaffirmation Letter for an employment settlement agreement explained by Employment Law Friend

Reaffirmation Letter

We explain what a reaffirmation letter is in a settlement agreement, when you might need one and who is responsible for it.
Sharing Tips. Changes in the law, explained by Employment Law Friend

Sharing Tips

How should your employer be sharing tips? If your employer is with-holding, or not tip sharing in a fair and transparent manner, we can help.
Changes to Self Certification Sick Notes explained by Employment Law Friend

Self Certification Sick Note

Changes to Self Certification Sick Notes from 9/12/21 to 26/01/22
SSP Self Isolating - your sick pay rights when isolating, from Employment Law Friend

SSP Self Isolating

Are you entitled to SSP self isolating? We explain self isolation and statutory sick pay vs basic salary sick pay for isolating according to the law.
Litigation Funding from Employment Law Friend

Litigation Funding

Learn what is meant by litigation funding and how do litigation find work in employment claims. Our affordable employment law specialists can help for less.
Vento Bands, Employment Tribunal Awards & Court Awards from Employment Law Friend

Vento Bands & Employment Tribunal Awards

Find out how much you could win in employment tribunal awards. With Vento bands, maximum and average awards, as well as how to calculate your own awards
Can I sue my employer for stress and anxiety? from Employment Law Friend: A judges gabble rests on an old leather bound book titled 'employment law'

Can I Sue My Employer For...?

Can I sue my employer for stress and anxiety? for setting me up to fail? for disclosing personal information? We answer when and how you can sue your work.
My Employer Owes Me Money from Employment Law Friend: An open, empty coin purse

My Employer Owes Me Money

We explain your options and your rights if you are underpaid at work. Plus what you can do if you are no longer employed by them
Mandatory Vaccine from Employment Law Friend

Mandatory Vaccine: Can My Employer Impose Compulsory Vaccination?

We look at Italy, the US and the UK's different approaches to a mandatory vaccine. Can your employer impose compulsory vaccination? + Will we continue to work from home?