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Mandatory Vaccine from Employment Law Friend

Mandatory Vaccine: Can My Employer Impose Compulsory Vaccination?

We look at Italy, the US and the UK's different approaches to a mandatory vaccine. Can your employer impose compulsory vaccination? + Will we continue to work from home?
Resignation Letter from Employment Law Friend. A man hands his boss an envelope that reads 'resignation', across a wooden desk.

Resignation Letter: The right way to hand in your notice

Writing a resignation letter: How to give your two weeks notice for work. Plus how to quit your job if you've had problems at work and may need to make a claim at tribunal
English Nationalism at Work from Employment Law Friend

English Nationalism on the Rise: Thomas vs Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS

English nationalism in on the rise in the UK. How do we protect freedom of thought while protecting the rights and safety of our non-English friends and colleagues?
Restrictive Covenants from Employment Law Friend

Restrictive Covenants in Your Employment Contract

We explain restrictive covenants meaning, when they are enforceable and whether they apply to situations such as redundancy, including examples.
Strike: Industrial Action Meaning & Examples from Employment Law Friend

Strike: Industrial Action Meaning & Examples

We explain your rights when taking part in Strike action and Industrial action. With common FAQ's and industrial action examples.
How to Ask for a Pay Rise from Employment Law Friend

How To Ask For A Pay Rise

How to ask for a pay rise: Tips for how to negotiate a pay rise, how much much to ask for and how to justify it.
Stress at Work from Employment Law Friend

Stress at Work

The top 10 causes of stress at work. Effects of long term workplace stress and how to manage it to avoid workers burnout or health problems.
Mental Health Day from Employment Law Friend

Mental Health Day

Can you take a day off for your mental health at work? When should you take a mental health day? And, what can you do if you're mistreated as a result?
Calculating Overtime from Employment Law Friend

Calculating Overtime

Calculating overtime: Are you entitled to overtime pay? What is non discretionary overtime? How do you calculate holiday overtime pay?
Collective Bargaining Agreement from Employment Law Friend

Collective Bargaining Agreement

We answer: What is collective bargaining & collective agreements? How do they work? Your employment law rights.
Performance Management from Employment Law Friend

Performance Management Processes

We explain performance management processes, with employee performance appraisal examples, as well as the performance improvement process at work.
Tomahawk Steakhouse from Employment Law Friend

Tomahawk With A Side Of Alleged Threats

A high street restaurant chain has been accused of bullying its employees to loan the business 10% of their pay, with alleged threats of dismissal.