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Read our guides on how to handle constructive dismissal and unfair dismissal. From raising your grievance, submitting your ET1 to the Employment Tribunal, preliminary hearing, tips around the standard employer underhand tactics and then to standing in court at the employment tribunal - even appealing a decision if you don't think it is right.

Raising a constructive dismissal claim can be daunting so we offer affordable paid for downloads to show you how to raise a grievance and proceed to Tribunal. If this is still too much for you then let us help you with our panel of employment law solicitors. We have got it all covered so use our help as much or as little as you want. You've got this, now got get 'em!
Whistleblowing: Can You Be Fired explained by Employment Law Friend

Can You Be Fired For Whistleblowing?

We explain your rights that protect you after you whistle blow on your employer
Can you be fired under a No Jab No Job Policy? Employment Law Friend explains when you can be dismissed, and how.

No Jab, No Job?

Does your employer have a 'no jab, no job' policy? Find out whether you can bring a claim against them, or if you will lose your job.
Garden Leave from Employment Law Friend

Garden Leave

We define garden leave meaning and explain your gardening leave employee rights and typical garden leave rules.
Gross Misconduct Meaning & Examplesfrom Employment Law Friend

Gross Misconduct Meaning & Examples

We explain gross misconduct and instant dismissal offences, Including the differences between serious misconduct & serious insubordination.
Wrongful Dismissal advice from employment law friend

Wrongful Dismissal

What qualifies as wrongful dismissal? The difference between wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal, and how to make a claim for wrongful dismissal.
constructive dismissal advice from employment law friend

Constructive Dismissal

Find out the difference between fair dismissal and constructive dismissal, the grounds for constructive dismissal, and how you can prove constructive dismissal
unfair dismissal advice from employment law friend

Unfair Dismissal

Find out if your dismissal was unfair under UK employment law. What happens next? Get advice for raising a grievance and going to tribunal.
Hogg v Dover College case summary from employment law friend

Hogg v Dover College

Your employer can't just change your employment contract. There is a process to take and Hogg v Dover College is the leading case of proof of how not to do it, and has been quoted by Tribunal Judges ever since.