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Read our free employment law articles, tips and guides on discrimination in the workplace and how to raise it with your employer. We explain the different types of types of discrimination in the workplace, how to raising a grievance at work, what to do if a grievance is raised against you for discrimination and what the next stages are after raising a grievance.

If you get stuck doing it yourself we offer affordable paid for downloads to show you how to raise a grievance or if you'd prefer we have employment law solicitors to do it for you. We have got it all covered so use our help as much or as little as you want. You've got this, now got get 'em!
Gender Pay Gap from Employment Law Friend

Gender Pay Gap

Explaining the Gender Pay Gap, facts and figures in the UK and understanding what causes the gap.
Equal Pay advice from Employment Law Friend

Equal Pay

Do you know if you're getting equal pay? find out what to do if you're being paid less than your colleagues of the opposite sex for an equal job.
disability discrimination in the workplace advice from employment law friend

Disability discrimination in the workplace

Disability discrimination in the workplace: Your rights. What is classed as a protected disability under the equality act?
Discrimination: Sexual orientation and Marriage. Advice from employment law friend

Discrimination: Sexual Orientation & Marriage

How employment law protects you from discrimination: Sexual orientation & Marriage and Civil partnership discrimination. Know your rights.
Discrimination: Pregnancy. Advice from employment law friend

Discrimination: Pregnancy

Pregnant workers' rights, with examples of pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work. Click through to our next article for dealing with discrimination.
Racism in the workplace: Advice from employment law friend

Racism in the workplace

Examples of racism in the workplace, click through to our next article for guidance on dealing with racism at work
gender inequality in the workplace: Advice from employment law friend

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Examples of Sexual discrimination and Gender bias at work. Plus, what is 'genuine occupational requirement'?
Age Discrimination advice from employment law friend

Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination: Examples of workplace ageism and when it is legally justifiable.
discrimination at work: Advice from Employment Law Friend

Discrimination at work

Clear step by step instructions to handle discrimination at work. We talk you through the process to relieve some of the stress.
Mr Smith Vs Bennetts of London Age Discrimination

Age discrimination: Mr Smith wins £6,822 from Bennetts of London

A 75 year old man wins an Employment Tribunal case against his employer Bennetts of London.