Job Redundancy News Articles

Find out whether or not your job redundancy was handled fairly or not and if you were paid what you were due. These articles will show you that you can't always believe what you are told by your employer!

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Restructuring: What Are Your Rights explained by Employment Law Friend

Restructuring: What Are Your Rights

What to expect during restructuring at work & whether you should be worried about demotion or redundancy. Your rights explained.
Redundancy Appeal Dismissal from Employment Law Friend

Redundancy Appeal

Redundancy appeal: How to appeal dismissal and redundancy. What can you do if you shouldn’t have lost your job? Including gross misconduct appeal.
Collective Redundancy advice from Employment Law Friend

Collective Redundancy

Understand the collective redundancy process and collective consultation rules, for employees of large businesses with several smaller establishments.
Paul Dickinson v The Foster Partnership Ltd case summary from employment law friend

Paul Dickinson v The Foster Partnership Ltd

Just because you are made redundant doesn't mean your employer can avoid paying you your holiday pay. This is a breach of contract that Mr Dickinson won.
Mrs E Naylor v Buckley Lamb Ltd case summary from employment law friend

Mrs E Naylor v Buckley Lamb Ltd

In April 2020 a case was won by the employee Mrs E Naylor against Buckley Lamb Ltd. However, will she ever see a penny of the win? The company kept her contractual pay but is being struck off. A morale win or can Mrs Naylor get any money back?
Made Redundant due to Coronavirus: Advice from Employment Law Friend

Made Redundant due to Coronavirus

Being made redundant should be a last resort so if you've been made redundant during the Coronavirus outbreak then you may still have employment law rights.