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Read our free employment law articles on harassment at work and how to raise the issue with your line manager and/or employer. We explain the different types of types of workplace harassment, how to raising a harassment grievance, what to do if a grievance is raised against you for harassment and what the next stages are after raising a grievance.

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Victimisation from Employment Law Friend


Understanding what is meant by harassment victimisation for raising a grievance, or other protected acts and what you can do about it.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace from Employment Law Friend

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What is sexual harassment in the workplace? Laws, harassment types and step by step instructions for dealing with sexual misconduct at work.
Mark Lawrance v Borough Council of Calderdale

Mark Lawrance v Borough Council of Calderdale

When is it ever ok to call a co-worker a sl#t? The answer is never. In this case we see a long standing employee who abused their position, their co-workers and had their unfair dismissal claim struck out.